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It's only been about 3 months since I started posting videos on YouTube and 2 months of having a website, Instagram, and Facebook pages to coincide. That means that I've got 3 months in a new world and my eyes have seen a fair share of posts and blogs and videos about helping people have better marriages and be better spouses.

Many of these are well done.

Many are also kind of blah.

Sample Blog Post: "How to be a better spouse"

Content: Be nice, be positive, be honest.

My reaction: Are there really people out there who are thinking the path to a good marriage is by being mean, negative liars? Sure, there are people who are living that way, but will this blog jolt them awake and make them nicer people?

Sample Instagram Post: *picture of couple kissing*

Content: "true intimacy in marriage is more than physical affection."

Me: What? And why are you posting 4 times a day? I don't disagree with the statement but...

Perhaps I am being too critical? I do have that tendency.

Maybe I have missed the point and these people are "killing it."

There is a natural disconnect between social media mediums and getting results.

I can look at pictures of bodybuilders and be inspired, but I will only get stronger if I go and lift some weights.

I can read all about how having a clean refrigerator will make me a happier person, but unless I actually go home and clean the thing - how will I ever know?

So your marriage is good. Maybe not, maybe you are struggling. Maybe things are good and you know they could be even better...

Can you take 30 seconds right now and DO SOMETHING that will make a difference?

Maybe it is changing your attitude or mindset about something?

Maybe it is being constructive where you were being critical?

Maybe there is something you need to forgive? Perhaps you ought to be asking for forgiveness?

Maybe you should call your spouse or text them right now and tell them you love them or say something else encouraging?

Maybe there is something you need to quit?

Maybe there is something you need to take care of that you've been putting off?

Maybe it is not something I listed but something else, and you can do now?

If it will make your marriage better or if it'll make you a better spouse... what's holding you back?

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